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Lunar New Year
a la carte 


Braised short ribs with daikon radish, shiitake mushrooms, jujube dates and carrots


Seafood Pancake Jeon
Fresh seafood, scallions, batter and covered with an egg 


Vermicelli sauteed with shiitake, wood ear, rainbow bell peppers, spinach & onions


Gu-jeol Pan
Mini crepe, bell peppers, shrimp, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, sliced ribeye, egg white & yolk 


Lunar NY Jeon
A special jeon assortment shrimp, enoki mushrooms, korean meatballs, cod, zucchini,  


Palace Tteokbokki
Soy sauce based tteokbokki with sliced ribeye, assorted vegetables, woodear & shiitake mushrooms

해파리 냉채

Jellyfish Salad
Marinated jellyfish, shrimp, cucumber, mustard & white balsamic dressing
Serving size: 2~3
Pre-order by 2/3/24  for pickup on Lunar New Year,
 Saturday 2/10/24
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